Group accommodation
23 en suite for 46/50 persons

Château Sentout, on top of a hill overlooking the Garonne valley, is dedicated to group accommodation with 21 en suite in 6 houses spread around the main court yard.
Very large chapel, heated pool with shallow end for babies and gardens in middle of a 15 hectares park with meadow and trees.
Bedrooms are all heated and air-conditioned with lounge, kitchen and WiFi.
Wine tasting, grilled lamb and chateau’s visits on request.

1 – FOURNIL: Lounge + Bedrooms N°1-1, N°1-2, N°1-3 = 5 persons

The chateau’s former bakery, with an oven built under the tower , where the bred used to be baked every week, has retained a delightful atmosphere. One large lounge 1 single and 2 en suite.

2 PIGEONNIER: Lounge-veranda + 2 en-suite: N°2-1, N°2-2 = 4 people

Formerly  chateau’s pigeon tower, is located opposite the orchard on a little track to the left of the chapel.
2 ensuite and a large  lounge-veranda.

3 – REMISE,  Large lounge-reception room, 4 en suite, N°3-1, N°3-2, N°3-3, N°3-4 =  9 people

A hundred years ago, used to be the coachhouse  for  carriages  and cabrilolets used to travel around in the vicinity of the château: Large lounge and 4 en-suite..

4 – TILBURY: Lounge + 3 en-suite, N°4-1, N°4-2, N°4-3 = 8 people

Tilbury for eight persons is located in the former horse stable and is opening both to the main courtyard and to the garden. Large lounge and 3 en-suite ( 1 for disable)


5 – ROSERAIE: Large lounge + 2 en-suite, N°5-1, N°5-2 = 4 people

In one of the outbuildings of the chateau with its rose clad entrance from the main courtyard, has a private seclured garden in the former wine store with colonnades: Large lounge + 2 en-suite.

6 – TUILERIE Lounge + 4 en-suite: N°6-1, N°6-2, N°6-3, N°6-4 = 8 people

At first floor of the main building, with its own separate entrance and large shady garden: Lounge + 4 ensuite.

7 – EVEQUE Large en-suite Kingsize N°7-1 with sofa and armchair for 2 people.

In former times a Bishop, who was a friend of the family, used to stay in this large bedroom. Well furnished with a colonnade King size bed, Mahogany furnitures, sofa and armchair. it is now as Bridal chamber.

8 – PRESSOIR: Large lounge + 4 en-suite N°9-1, N°9-2, N°9-3, N°9-4 = 8 people.

Located in Chateau Sentout’s former wine store, where the wines where aging. Huge lounge + 4 ensuite.