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Main courtyard

This charming 17th century Chateau with it's differing architectural styles, mark the passing of the years, enhancing its elegance and unique charm.

Bishop room

The Bishop apartment is situated in the large square tower of the chateau. An Italian feel is created by the Genoese storehouse and Tuscan columns found in the courtyard and the inner courtyard's patio is Spanish in style, the windows leading from the main house to the Bishop's bedroom are Moorish.

Rose Garden Arches

Roseraie garden is implemented in the former barrels store house of XVIII century. This stunning garden is used by the Roseraie hosts or by groups for parties.

Coachhouse lounge

This large and convivial lounge is offering an original and relaxing place to the Coach house villa hosts. It may also be used for celebrations, for groups of up to 20 people or more.

Beautiful formal and natural gardens give each holiday villa a space of its own, allowing guests to enjoy their privacy whilst being part of the group. Several large areas such as under the columns or between the arches of the former wine store are perfect for large outdoor dinners and group functions.